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This is a Test

If you know my work, it's probably this play that you know. This is a Test has, over the years, become a nice part of my life. People contact me from all over the world to tell me about their productions.

Still, there's one change I'd make to the play if I could.

At one point in the play, the characters speak a few lines of Chinese. The Chinese isn't real. I made it up.

I'm not sure if cultural sensitivity in general has increased or only my own. But it embarrasses me that the Chinese isn't real.

Here are pinyin translations of the Chinese as they would be spoken in Mandarin.

One Act Comedy
Large, flexible cast

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Pinyin Translations
Lines from the play:

"Time's up." shir-jian dao le
"I'm sorry about that." duei-bu-chi
"May I have another blue book, please?"     wo hai yao yi-ben lan-pi-shu
"Here." gei ni
"How much time is left?" hai you duo-shao shir-jian?
"Five minutes." wu fen zhong
And here are some lines that the students might want to speak just after the test concludes:

"How did you do?" ni kao de zen-me-yang?
"That was easy." tai rong-yi le
"No problem." mei wen-ti